Raspberry Dutch Baby

Raspberry Dutch Baby-this puffy baked pancake is dotted with fresh raspberries, dusted with powdered sugar, and topped with whipped cream. It is a real breakfast treat!  

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Dutch Baby “Puffy” Pancake

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away? Do you know how you are going to celebrate the day of loooooove? We don’t have any big plans, but I am ok with that. I am a simple Valentine’s Day kind of gal. I like to stay home and spend time with my boys. We usually start the day with a special breakfast and make a fun dinner at home. And of course there is always dessert. Chocolate is a must on Valentine’s Day.

This year, we are making our favorite Raspberry Dutch Baby pancake for breakfast. It is the perfect way to kick off Valentine’s Day.

What is a Dutch Baby Pancake?

Have you made a Dutch baby pancake before? Some people call them German pancakes or oven pancakes…same thing. Anyways, we love making Dutch baby pancakes because they are super simple to make and they are so fun. The pancake batter is super thin and you bake the pancake in a hot, buttered skillet. The pancake magically puffs up in the oven. The boys love watching the pancake do it’s magic trick:)

You do have to serve the pancake as soon as it gets out of the oven if you want to see the puff. It will collapse as it cools, but that is ok because the pancake will still be delicious. The pancake is basically a cross between a crepe and a popover. It has a light, puffy crust with a tender, eggy middle.

How To Make a Dutch Baby

For this recipe, we add fresh raspberries to make the pancake extra special. I always find the best raspberries at Smith’s. They have the best produce. The raspberries add nice color and are the perfect touch for Valentine’s Day!

The Dutch baby is good plain, but we like to add fun toppings, especially for Valentine’s Day. A dusting of powdered sugar and dollop of fresh whipped cream makes the pancake extra pretty. Josh also likes to add a drizzle of Private Selection Pure Maple Syrup to his piece. If I feel like going all out, I will add a spoonful of Nutella to my piece. The chocolate hazelnut and raspberry combo is divine. If you are making this pancake for Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend you splurge and try the Nutella combo. Chocolate for breakfast is acceptable on Valentine’s Day:)

Start your Valentine’s Day with a Raspberry Dutch Baby pancake. I may not get a quiet, romantic breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, but I will have a fun and delicious morning with my boys and that is all I need to feel the love.


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