Peach Crumb Bars

On Friday, I received a text from our good friend. The text said “Happy Friday” with a picture of a giant box of peaches. I looked a little closer and noticed that the giant box of peaches was sitting on our front porch. I squealed and immediately responded thank you. I started planning out my weekend baking list and peach crumb bars were at the very top.


Josh drove up to our house to rescue our precious peaches (we are still not living at home-thanks to our kitchen remodel). When he walked in the door with the enormous box of peaches my eyes lit up. I knew I would have enough peaches to make peach crumb bars and several other recipes. The last time our friend gave us peaches, I made peach salsa, muffins, and scones. We are so lucky he shares with us.

This peach crumb bar recipe is from Brown Eyed Baker, my dear friend and blogging buddy. I knew they would be good, because she is an expert in the kitchen…and there is lots of butter involved:) The bottom layer of the bars is thick, buttery, and the perfect base for the sweet peach filling. The top layer is crumbly and also very buttery. I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top to give the bars an extra dose of goodness.

These peach crumb bars are delicious by themselves, but they are even better when paired with scoop of vanilla ice cream. Either way, add them to your “to do” list. They are delectable! Now, what to do with the remaining peaches? Hmmm!

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