Creamy Lemon Chicken and Rice Recipe

It’s been a rough week. I hurt my neck and have been in extreme pain. I think it was a combination of sleeping on my neck wrong and too much Body Pump. I have been resting, using ice/heat, pain meds, etc. but it still hurts. Luckily, Josh has been pampering me. He broke his neck a few years ago, so he understands neck pain. It is not fun.I hope to rest all weekend long and be 100% again.

This week we had one of our good friends over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Josh suggested some kind of chicken dish, but really didn’t have any ideas. So I did some searching and decided to go with Food Finery’s Creamy Lemon Chicken and Rice.

Josh volunteered to be in charge of the dinner so I could rest. He did the grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and made the dinner. What a guy:) He baked the chicken in the oven with olive oil and lemon. He made the sauce and rice while the chicken was baking.

Josh poured the sauce over a bed or rice and added a piece of chicken. He also roasted asparagus to go with. He created a pretty plate-even with ugly chicken..ha! The guys loved the meal-especially the sauce. If you are looking for a good “go to” chicken meal, give this one a try. Thanks Tiffany for a fabulous recipe.

Oh, and of course we had birthday cake for our friend-I will post an outstanding grapefruit cake recipe on Monday. It’s a winner! Happy weekend everyone.

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