Broccoli Pasta

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Broccoli Pasta- This creamy, cheesy broccoli pasta takes less than 30 minutes to make and is a family favorite! It’s the perfect easy weeknight meal!

We love making pasta, especially on busy weeknights. A few favorites include: pasta primavera, cacio e pepe, 5-ingredient spinach parmesan pasta, lemon spaghetti, and chicken penne pasta.

We also LOVE this easy Broccoli Pasta recipe. It takes less than 30 minutes to make and uses basic ingredients. It’s a staple dinner at our house and always gets two thumbs up.

Start with your favorite pasta and add vibrant nutritious and delicious broccoli. Smother the pasta and broccoli in a flavorful cream sauce with garlic, Parmesan cheese, and a hint of lemon. Finish the dish with buttery, crunchy panko bread crumbs and you have a delicious meal.

Kids and adults love this one. So if you are wondering how to get your kids to eat broccoli, make this Broccoli Pasta. It is a guaranteed dinner winner!

Table of Contents

  1. Pasta Ingredients
  2. Panko Topping
  3. How to Make Broccoli Pasta
  4. Variations
  5. What to Serve with Broccoli Pasta
  6. More Pasta Recipes
  7. Broccoli Pasta Recipe

Pasta Ingredients

  • Pasta– use your favorite pasta, any shape or size will work. We like penne, orecchiette, farfalle, fusilli, cavatappi…just to name a few. Any noodle shape will work!
  • Broccoli– use fresh broccoli that has been chopped into florets.
  • Butter– to create a rich base to the creamy sauce.
  • Shallot– adds lots of flavor, don’t skip it.
  • Garlic– I use 5 cloves, don’t be afraid of lots of garlic:)
  • Flour– for thickening the sauce.
  • Broth– I use vegetable broth to keep the pasta dish vegetarian, but chicken broth will also work.
  • Heavy cream– to stir in at the end.
  • Italian seasoning– a pantry staple!
  • Crushed red pepper– for a little kick.
  • Lemon– zest and juice!
  • Parmesan cheese– use freshly grated Parmesan cheese, the good stuff!

Panko Topping

The crispy, crunchy, buttery panko topping really makes this pasta dish special. It only takes a few minutes to make and you only need two ingredients, butter and panko!

Panko are made from a crustless white bread that is processed into flakes and then dried. You can find panko bread crumbs at most grocery stores. Look in the baking aisle.

To make the topping: In a small skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the panko and cook, stirring occasionally, until toasted. Remove from heat and set aside.

How to Make Broccoli Pasta

  • First make the toasted panko topping. In a small skillet, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the panko and cook, stirring occasionally, until toasted. Remove from heat and set aside.
  • Boil a large pot of water and salt generously. Cook the pasta until al dente, according to package instructions. Add the broccoli the last 2 to 3 minutes of cooking time and cook until tender. Drain the pasta and broccoli and set aside.
  • Meanwhile, in a large pot, melt the butter and add the shallot and garlic. Cook for 1 minute. Whisk in the flour. Slowly pour in the broth, whisking continuously so the flour doesn’t clump up.
  • Stir in the heavy cream, Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes, and lemon zest. On medium-low, bring the sauce to a simmer and then stir in the Parmesan cheese. When the cheese is melted, stir in the lemon juice.
  • Add the pasta and broccoli, stir until well coated. Remove the pan from the heat and season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  • Spoon the pasta onto plates or bowls and top with toasted panko topping and extra Parmesan cheese, if desired. Serve immediately.


  • Add cooked cubed chicken or rotisserie chicken.
  • Add cooked sausage.
  • Stir in a can of rinsed and drained white beans.
  • Use cauliflower instead of broccoli.
  • Add more veggies! Mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and asparagus are all good options.
  • Stir in sun-dried tomatoes.

What to Serve with Broccoli Pasta

  • Easy Green Salad
  • Simple Arugula Salad
  • Simple Kale Salad
  • Garlic Bread or Caprese Garlic Bread
  • Easy Skillet Chicken Thighs
  • Lemon Butter Chicken

More Pasta Recipes

  • Pasta Primavera
  • Lemon Spaghetti
  • Cacio e Pepe
  • Chicken Penne Pasta
  • Pasta Pomodoro
  • One Pot Sausage Pasta

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