Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta with Hazelnuts

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta with Toasted Hazlenuts and Parmesan Cheese-my new favorite pasta dish and I think you are going to love it too! 

So I am kind of obsessed with this Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta with Hazelnuts. It is my new favorite pasta dish! I love everything about it! I made it for lunch and couldn’t get over how good it was!

I kept raving about my pasta to Josh. He couldn’t taste it because he is allergic to hazelnuts. I know, I know, I am a terrible wife for eating such a delicious lunch in front of him, but I couldn’t help myself. And in my defense, he wasn’t home when I started making lunch. He showed up when I was ready to eat so I had to tell him how good it was. This seriously is the best pasta ever!

I am always in the mood for pasta. It is my go to comfort food. My favorite pasta is DeLallo’s Organic Whole Wheat Pasta. I love all of the pasta shapes and sizes, especially the Orecchiette. They are the cutest little ears I have ever seen:)

I had a huge bag of brussels sprouts in the fridge that were begging to be used. I was going to roast them, my standard way of enjoying sprouts, but I decided to add them to my pasta instead. I am SO glad I did!

The sauce to my pasta is simple, BROWN BUTTER!

You know I am craaaazy about brown butter. I’ve made lots of sweets with brown butter: cupcakes, crisp, waffles, syrup, and cookies. Well, brown butter works in savory dishes too! Yes, it does!

Brown butter, toasted hazelnuts, and brussels sprouts are a mean combination!

Oh, and I also tossed in some Parmesan cheese because cheese is always a good idea!

I love the nuttiness from the whole wheat pasta, brown butter, and hazelnuts. This pasta dish is nutty all around!

I wanted to eat the entire pan of pasta all by myself, but I decided to be nice and share. Since I couldn’t share with Josh, I took some pasta to our neighbors so they didn’t have to cook dinner. They accepted the pasta with open arms and a smile!

I am secretly hoping Josh will not be around for lunch or dinner soon so I can make Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta with Hazelnuts. I am craving it already! And if Josh doesn’t go away soon, I will make it anyway. He will just have to listen to me go on and on about how amazing this pasta is:)

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