Coconut Lime Macaroons with White Chocolate

I am feeling a little better and have been able to bake a few things, but I am not 100% yet. I am slowly making my way back into the kitchen. Luckily, Josh has not lost his desire to cook, bake, and eat. He told me he had an idea for a new cookie for the blog-Coconut Lime Macaroons with White Chocolate. I told him to get busy! I wasn’t up for baking, but I sure wanted to taste his cookie creation.

Josh loves lime desserts. They are his absolute favorite. He loves the tart flavor. Coconut and lime are a match made in heaven, so I loved his idea of coconut lime macaroons. He added fresh lime juice and zest to the macaroons. When they were finished baking, he dipped the bottoms in white chocolate and drizzled the macaroon tops with chocolate.

When the cookies were finished, Josh brought me a cookie with a big grin on his face. He knew he did a good job:) The cookies were beautiful and delicious. I loved the lime, coconut, and white chocolate combination. I can’t wait for Josh to make them again. Coconut Lime Macaroons with White Chocolate get two thumbs up from me and I think you will enjoy them too.

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