Lime Angel Food Cake Recipe

Angel Food Cake  – this angel food cake recipe makes a light, fluffy, cake that stands out with its hint of lime. Perfect for a light summer dessert, this angel food cake is a new favorite at our house.

Angel Food Cake Recipe with Lime

When my family was in town we made a couple batches of gelato and ice cream. I already shared the Gianduja gelato recipe, but you will have to sit tight for the others:) We saved the egg whites to make lime angel food cake. My sister in law is an expert when it comes to making angel food cake, so I let her take the lead. I watched and took good notes.

We made a lime cake to please Josh, if you follow our blog regularly, you know he is obsessed. My sister in law whipped up the cake in no time. She is a pro! I have made lemon angel food cupcakes, but never a cake. I don’t know why, I love it. I am glad she gave me a lesson.

The Trick to How to Make Angel Food Cake

  1. The key is to beat the egg whites until the peaks are soft, not stiff. It took about 10 minutes.
  2. I also learned that it is important to sift the flour multiple times. In this case, we didn’t need to add vanilla or cream of tartar, because we added lime juice and zest.

We all enjoyed a slice with whipped cream for dessert. Josh immediately went back for seconds, he even snuck a piece for breakfast the next morning.

*You do need an Angel Food Cake pan to make this cake.*

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