Orange Almond Scones

Soft and tender Orange Almond Scones drizzled with a sweet orange glaze and chopped almonds. These scones are great for breakfast, brunch, or tea time. 

I loved creating new cookie recipes for our cookbook, Cookie Cravings. The only hard part was not being able to post the recipes on the blog right away. I can’t wait to share my latest cookie creations with you! I will give you a little hint about one of the new cookie recipes in the book-the cookies inspired me to make these Orange Almond Scones. I loved the cookies so much I had to create a scone based on the same flavors. There is your hint, sorry for the suspense! 🙂 These Orange Almond Scones are delightful and make a great breakfast treat.

I have really been enjoying citrus season. Our fridge and counters are overflowing with lemons, grapefruit, and oranges. I put a few oranges to good use to make these Orange Almond Scones. The scones have orange zest and juice in the dough, plus they get an orange glaze drizzle after baking that really brings out the citrus flavor. The almond extract and chopped up almonds add a nice almond kick, plus I love the crunch the almonds add to the tender buttermilk scones.

I made four jumbo scones, but you can make six smaller scones if you wish. I figured if I was going to eat a scone, I was going to EAT a scone:) I also shared with our friends, Josh couldn’t help me out because he has that darn nut allergy. I knew if I would have left these scones on the counter I would have devoured them in a day. They are divine!

Grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy an Orange Almond Scone. They are guaranteed to make your day better!

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