Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

Quick Summary

Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies-soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies with a hint of orange! These cookies are delightful! 

Today is going to be a good day because it we have COOKIES! And not just any cookies, but Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies. I am sure some of you are chocolate chip cookie purists and are thinking, I don’t want orange in my cookies, but trust me on this one. The orange and chocolate combo is amazing!

The hint of orange comes from orange zest in the dough. It is the most pleasant surprise and goes so well with the chocolate. Pro tip, rub the orange zest together with the sugar to bring out the best orange flavor.

I like to use dark chocolate chips, but feel free to use semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips.

Of course, the cookies are finished with a sprinkling of sea salt. A little sea salt brings out the BEST flavor in chocolate chip cookies. Never skip this step.

The cookies are buttery, soft, chewy, and that hint of orange is SO nice with the melty chocolate chips. If you are a chocolate orange fan, you are going to LOVE these cookies. And if you aren’t, give them a try. I bet they will surprise you. They are SO good!

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