Veggie Hummus

Veggie Hummus-top your favorite hummus with colorful vegetables for an easy appetizer, snack, or even meal! 

Our boys tend to get the most fussy during the evening hours, usually right around dinner time. I think it is a combo of being tired and hungry. If we wait too long to eat dinner, things can get ugly. They can go from hungry to HANGRY in a matter of minutes.

If dinner is not ready and I can see the meltdowns coming, I pull out our favorite pre-dinner snack, Veggie Hummus. It keeps the boys happy while we finish making dinner. And I have been known to have a few hangry moments myself, so I like snacking with them:)

I also like serving an “unofficial meal” before dinnertime because it gives our family a chance to connect. We talk about our days, ask the boys questions, and have some fun. I love that it gets the entire family in the kitchen. Sometimes we turn on music and dance and sometimes the boys end up helping us make dinner. The kitchen is our happy place! We love laughing, sharing, eating, and enjoying each other’s company.

Sabra hummus is our favorite “unofficial meal” because everyone in the family loves it! Our boys always beg for hummus! To jazz things up, I top Sabra’s Classic Hummus with fresh vegetables. I love the color the veggies add and I am all about getting my boys to eat more veggies.

The vegetable topping is like edible confetti. I dice up cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, and red bell pepper. Sprinkle with a little parsley and DONE! It doesn’t get easier than that!

I like to serve the Veggie Hummus with cut up vegetables, homemade pita chips, and crackers. The boys love dipping anything and everything!

And sometimes the “unofficial meal” becomes our official meal because we get too full. I could eat this fresh and healthy spread every single day.

I also like to serve this Veggie Hummus at parties. It is the perfect starter to any meal…and it is SO easy! Thank you Sabra for making my life easier! I usually use the Classic Hummus because it is always a favorite, but feel free to top any hummus flavor with my colorful veggie topping!

The next time you need an easy, fresh, and healthy pre-dinner snack, make this simple Veggie Hummus! It’s a favorite at our house!

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