BBQ Chicken Salad

Last weekend we had a dinner party at our house, but we didn’t do any of the cooking. Our good friend, Ben, came over with all of the ingredients and made an amazing BBQ Chicken Salad for us and a group of our friends. We were happy to share our kitchen, especially since we reaped the reward-a very tasty meal.

Ben is sharing his special BBQ Chicken Salad recipe today. Trust me, you will want to make this salad again and again. I am already craving it. Mixed greens are topped with bbq chicken, black beans, tomatoes, corn, and fried onions. Warm red potatoes with shallot parley butter are also served on the side. The salad is finished with avocado vinaigrette and blue cheese vinaigrette.

I loved everything about this salad, especially the homemade dressings. They are to die for. I had a salad without the chicken and it was plenty flavorful, so if you want a vegetarian version, go ahead and leave the chicken off. Everyone else loved the chicken though:)

If you think salads are boring, try Ben’s BBQ Chicken Salad. It will become one of your favorite meals.

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