Heart Pancakes

Quick Summary

Heart Pancakes-these easy, whole wheat heart shaped pancakes are the perfect pancakes for Valentine’s Day or any day! 

Valentine’s Day means that we will be able to sleep in and enjoy a nice, romantic breakfast in bed! Ha, let’s be realistic, with two crazy boys who love to wake up early, so breakfast in bed probably won’t happen, but we can make a special Valentine’s breakfast as a family!

We are going to celebrate with Heart Pancakes. The pancakes are simple to make and our boys love them! We are going to have one big pancake party!

These whole wheat heart pancakes are light, fluffy, and easy to whip up! The boys love helping us make them, mainly because they are made with yogurt, their favorite food. I like to use plain yogurt or vanilla to make the pancakes. I love that the yogurt adds protein to the hot cakes!

To make the heart shapes, we use a heart shaped cookie cutter. The hearts come out perfect every time. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can get artistic and make free form hearts, either way the heart pancakes will be delicious because they are made with love:)

For Valentine’s Day, we like to top the pancakes with heart shaped strawberries, a little heart shaped butter, and pure maple syrup. A breakfast filled with loooooove!

I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day so I can enjoy these cute Heart Pancakes with my favorite boys. The best way to celebrate the day of love!

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