Orange Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Orange Chocolate Spritz Cookies-buttery spritz cookies with a hint of orange and a drizzle of chocolate. These festive cookies are perfect for the holiday season.  

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Spritz cookies are a classic holiday cookie. I have been making them for years. This year, I put a little twist on the classic and made Orange Chocolate Spritz Cookies and I think they will have to be on our holiday baking list from now on. The orange and chocolate combo is delightful and perfect for the holiday season.

Spritz cookie dough is super basic and when I say basic I mean GOOD. The base starts with lots of Land O Lakes® BUTTER and you know that means good things are to come. You can’t go wrong with lots of butter during the holiday season. You should see our fridge, I think we have fourteen pounds of Land O Lakes® BUTTER in there right now. I am ready to bake ALL the cookies!

I use unsalted butter for baking and for this recipe so I can control the amount of salt in the recipe. The pure, buttery taste is perfection!

I added in a little orange zest to the dough to give it that special citrus kick.

To make the spritz cookies in festive shapes, you need a cookie press. I went with a tree shape, but you can make the cookies into whatever shape you want. There are lots of fun shapes to choose from.

When the cookies were completely cooled, I melted chocolate chips and called in the boys to help me drizzle the chocolate over the cookies. They had so much fun. Some of the trees got drenched in chocolate, but you can never have too much chocolate, right? 🙂

The boys loved being my little taste testers. The spritz cookies have a sweet and buttery flavor with a texture that is tender crisp. And the orange and chocolate was the perfect addition to these classic cookies. The boys loved them!

Orange Chocolate Spritz Cookies are fun to make and fun to eat. Add them to your baking list now! Enjoy!

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