Valentine’s Day Breakfast Board

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How to Make a Breakfast Board for Valentine’s Day or any day! Easy to put together, there is something for everyone, and so fun! Celebrate in your pajamas with the ones you love!

We never get dressed up and go out on Valentine’s Day, but we do like to celebrate at home. I will always support a day that celebrates love, flowers, and chocolate. Count me IN!

This year, we are going to celebrate with a fun Valentine’s Day Breakfast Board. The whole family is invited and the best part? We can celebrate in our pajamas!

I love making breakfast boards because you can customize them and add a little bit of everything. Everyone can get involved, it’s an interactive breakfast!

Who wouldn’t want to get out of bed for such an amazing spread.

Breakfast Board Ideas

Breakfast is my favorite meal and such a fun meal to make a board for. There are so many good breakfast foods you can include. Include a variety of sweet and savory, healthy and indulgent so there is something for everyone!

I always find the best items up at Smith’s, my Kroger store. They make putting together a board so easy and super fun!

  • Small pancakes or waffles cut into quarters
  • Cooked bacon or sausage links
  • Hard-boiled eggs- don’t forget the Everything Bagel Seasoning
  • Toast, bagels, croissants, or muffins
  • Mini donuts
  • Mini yogurt parfaits with granola
  • Berries- strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries
  • Fruit- melon, orange slices, grapes, pineapple
  • Whipped Cream
  • Maple Syrup
  • Jam
  • Cream cheese
  • Nut Butter
  • Nutella
  • Sprinkles-for fun!

How to Make a Breakfast Board

Once you select the foods you are going to use, it’s time to make a board, the fun part!

  • First, make sure you have a large board, tray, or baking sheet to build the board on. It’s ok if some of the items are surrounding the board. You can also fill mini bowls or plates with some food items if you run out of room. They are also great for adding height and interest to the board.
  • I recommend only picking one or two items that need to be cooked. For example, I only did pancakes and bacon for this board.
  • I created a Valentine’s theme by choosing lots of red produce, heart pancakes, and accents of chocolate. I also added fun Valentine’s Day sprinkles, napkins, and red roses which I got from Smith’s. They always have so many fun holiday finds and their flowers are my favorite.
  • If you want to make heart pancakes, you can use this recipe or you can make your favorite pancake recipe and just use a heart cookie cutter to create the heart shapes. Just make sure you make the pancakes a little bigger than the size of your cookie cutter. And don’t let the scraps go to waste, kids love munching on them:)
  • I had plenty of pancake toppings for everyone to choose from: maple syrup, whipped cream, raspberry jam, and Nutella.
  • Hard boiled eggs are perfect because they can be made in advance and are the perfect savory addition to all of the Valentine’s Day treats:)
  • Use cute little glasses to make mini yogurt parfaits. I used a small heart cookie cutter to put little strawberry hearts on top…and some sprinkles for the boys. You can also add granola.
  • Serve drinks on the side. Chocolate milk or strawberry banana smoothies are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the straws!
  • Put plates and napkins off to the side and let everyone go to town!

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