Vegetable Confetti Soup

We had a few friends over this week and of course we ended up in the kitchen. Our good friend Ben took the the lead and made a large pot of Vegetable Confetti Soup for all of us to enjoy. It was fun sitting at the counter watching Josh and Ben chop all of the vegetables for the soup. I am used to one man cooking for me, but two? Even better! 🙂

This soup contains a medley of root vegetables including carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, and celery root. The soup also has a mixture of grains that makes this soup very hearty and filling. Ben used an assortment of grains he picked up at Whole Foods in the bin section-brown/white rice, wild rice, quinoa, French lentils, and barley. Feel free to use whatever grains you  have on hand. Ben kept the soup vegetarian for me (yes, I am spoiled) but if you would like to add in chicken, go for it. This soup is very versatile.

This colorful root vegetable soup is simple, earthy, and comforting. Ben suggests serving whole grain bread and cheese with the soup, but it is perfectly delicious on it’s own. If you need a healthy, “feel good meal,” make this Vegetable Confetti Soup. It will warm and brighten your day.

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