Green Beans with Lemon and Shallots

I am a daddy’s girl. I have a lot in common with my dad-we both enjoy sports, baking/cooking, flowers, and I even inherited his stubbornness:)  The one thing we will never agree on-vegetables. I love all veggies. I really can’t think of one that I don’t like. My father is the exact opposite. The only vegetables he will eat are corn and green  beans-oh and potatoes-he is from Idaho:) I have tried for years to convince him how wonderful and tasty veggies are, but he is still not buying it:)

My dad was visiting last week so I made green beans to make sure he got at least one serving of vegetables for the week:) I jazzed the green beans up with fresh lemon juice and shallots. I sauteed them until they were bright green. I like my green beans to have a nice crisp crunch, so I was careful to not overcook them.

My dad had a healthy serving of green beans for dinner. I am glad he got some greens into his diet while visitng.

Try this easy, healthy side dish. Green beans go well with just about every meal and they are so simple to make.

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