Asian Kale Salad

Asian Kale Salad-this colorful and healthy chopped kale salad is easy to make and bursting with Asian flavors. 

We don’t have a garden this year because we are building a house and currently living in a rental. I miss having a garden, but luckily we have nice neighbors that share their garden goods. We are lucky ducks! One of our neighbors is the kale queen! She brings over bags and bags of kale. It is the best! I have been making everything with kale. A few favorites include our Goat Cheese Lemon Pasta with Kale and Kale, Mushroom, and Ricotta Calzones.

I still had one bag of kale to use up so I decided to try a new recipe. I made a Kale Asian Salad and I instantly fell in love. It only took one bite! Actually, I think I fell in love before I even took a bite. The salad has all of my favorite ingredients and it is beautiful!! I knew it was going to be a winner.

I added red cabbage, peppers, edamame, carrots, avocado, and cilantro to brighten up the kale. The salad has lots of great Asian flavors going on and it is SO pretty!

But not too pretty to eat. I am always up for eating pretty things:)

I tossed the salad with Newman’s Own® Sesame Ginger Dressing. This dressing is a staple in our fridge and is so good in this Asian Kale Salad.  Just shake and drizzle over the salad! Easy peasy!

You can serve the salad as a main dish or side dish. If you want to boost the protein, feel free to add nuts, almonds or peanuts. If you want to bulk the salad up even more, add tofu, chicken, or fish! The base of the salad is plenty good on its own though. I ate a big helping and it was the perfect lunch!

Now go get your greens on and make this amazing Asian Kale Salad! I might have to see if our neighbor has any extra kale. I am addicted to this salad and need to make it again!

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