Orange Pistachio Cookies

Orange Pistachio Cookies-orange butter cookies topped with a sweet orange glaze and chopped pistachios. I bet you can’t eat just one! 

My Christmas cookie list is WAY too long. I have too many favorites and I don’t want to leave anyone out…yes, I am worried about my cookies’ feelings. I want all of my cookies to be included in our holiday celebrations. So I tend to go cookie crazy and bake an obscene amount of cookies in December. I can’t even count how many batches I’ve made already. I am tired, but happy…I think I am on a sugar high:)

I am so glad I didn’t stop baking because I came up with a new favorite cookie, Orange Pistachio Cookies. They are thrilled that they got invited to my December cookie party!

You guys need to invite these Orange Pistachio Cookies to your cookie party too. I promise, they are great guests! You will love them!

The cookies are simple butter cookies with a hint of orange zest.

After the cookies have cooled, I spoon a sweet orange glaze over the tops. Next, I add chopped pistachios, which add a slight salty crunch and make the cookies pretty!

Orange Pistachio Cookies are going to make an appearance in my kitchen every December. They are a new favorite and I hope you like them too! Happy baking!

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